Welcome to the online version
of the Baseline Skillset for
Construction Procurement.

Project Owners

Step 1

As Project Owner, set up your project and answer a few questions about it.

The toolkit will then calculate the project's complexity level on a scale of 1-4.

Step 2

Send invitations to candidates for the Senior Responsible Officer/Project Director role and for the Lead Project Manager role to complete competency checklists based on their previous experience.

Complete one yourself if you are also a candidate for the SRO role.

Step 3

View the results.

The toolkit generates a report comparing the baseline skillset determined by a project’s complexity with a candidate’s skillset across seven competencies.

The full guidance note contains recommendations for dealing with any skills shortages.



You have been invited by the Project Owner to complete an assessment of your experience against 7 key competencies for construction procurement management.

In order to continue, please
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to start your assessment, answering all questions that are applicable to you.

After completion, the Project Owner will be able to compare your skillset with the recommended baseline appropriate to the project's complexity.